Safe. Fast. Affordable.

Why Choose Us?
No Surprises
The internet is rife with stores about how people went to a payday lender only to find out that their payday loan cost them far more than they expected. You'll never run into that situation with us because our contracts are clear and transparent.

Very Safe
We encrypt all our communications for your protection. We also allow you to cancel your loan within 2 days for any reason. We're committed to making things as safe and secure for you as possible.

No Waiting
You wouldn't wait at a bus stop if you didn't know when the bus was going to arrive. Why should you wait for an indeterminate period of time for a payday loan? We'll give you a response in fifteen minutes as to whether or not you're going to receive the funds you asked for.
Got Five Minutes?
Complete Our Application
Nobody likes completing application forms but when compared to the rest of the field we think you'll find that ours is the least irritating out there.

Confirm Banking Details
We would hate for there to be any delay in getting you your funds, or for you to be charged an NSF fee when you shouldn't be. For that and other reasons we need you to install a program on your computer to take a snapshot of the past 31 days of banking history.

We Deliver The Funds
Because we got your bank account number in the last step, we can send you the funds right into that account using ACH.

Do you still have questions? Was any part of the process not what you expected or did something go wrong? You can call us at 505-369-3749 and we'll help straighten it out.
When To Use One
Small Sums
It's vital that you only use these loans for small sums, relative to your income. We can lend up to $2000 to qualified people but we have to have increased your credit rating as a result of previous transactions and you have to get a minimum of $000 per paycheck to qualify. We will only lend up to 505 of your paycheck.

Waiting Instead
When a bill shows up in the mail it can be tempting to try to pay it off as soon as possible. You should check their terms and conditions to see what sort of overdue penalty they have. If you are only facing something small and you aren't in danger of having your power disconnected, waiting might be the right choice.

Only Weeks
The last thing to consider is whether you plan to borrow only until your next payday or for months on end. If it's the former then you should be fine but otherwise there are better sources of credit that you should be investigating.

We Lend Across New Mexico
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